What is Zevolution?

Different. Why Different?

The biomes of Zevolution

A huge world with many wonderful and diverse biomes will fascinate you. From the hot desert to the cold tundra, everything is there.

Player Character

Individuality is a big part of our game. You will have a lot of customization options to make your dream character.


The undead comes in a wide variety. There are conventional, rare, biome-specific undeads and Alphas.

Crafting & Building

What would be a survival game without crafting or building? We don't even want to start with such creepy thoughts...

PVE & PVP Gameplay

It is important to us to make both modes interesting and balanced


The selection of transportation in Zevolution is huge. From bicycles to tanks... Even horses will exist. Everything is there to survive in the apocalypse. Or sometimes to have just some fun...

Farming & Taming

Who wouldn't like to have a farm full of animals, fruits and vegetables? But please do not forget to protect the animals from the zombies. Unless you encounter vegetarian zombies, then protect your tomatoes at all costs!!!


We want to create a diverse and exciting atmosphere that makes you feel more immersed in this world. To achieve this, we will collaborate with a special composer to create wonderful tracks.

Weather & Seasons

They are one of the fundamental pillars when it comes to the atmosphere of Zevolution. They bring advantages and drawbacks, which you'll have to pay attention to.

Villages & Missions

Complete exciting missions, trade with NPCs and help them to expand their villages. You will benefit from this.

Artificial Intelligence

Besides zombies, there are animals, survivors and bandits that you will encounter.