There is a variety of undeads, which behavior varies depending on the different biomes. While some are easy to defeat, others are very advanced and superior. In every biom is a unique Alpha, which can not be beaten that easy.

Stage 1

They experience extreme mental and brain trauma from the infection, but there are no visible signs of becoming a zombie (yet). They are in an extreme state of stress and have no way of controlling their mental stability.

Stage 2

These specimen are already starting to decompose. They have first visual signs of the body loosing heat and function from the process. The body starts to become malnourished.

Stage 3

If the stage two undeads survive the extreme stage of malnourishment long enough, they eventually turn into stage 3 undeads. The infection stimulates the body to produce more codes to create longer limbs and different skull shapes. Visually, they are in a high decomposed state and behave much more like animals. They are very dangerous, so be careful!

Special Stage 0.5 (Half-Deads)

These are extremely rare humans, who are partly immune and cannot turn completely into undead. They think they are fine, but most of the time the virus has the upper hand. That is why they are very unpredictable and therefore extremely dangerous. If you don't know what you're doing, better run away immediately!

Alphas (Stage 4)

Savage Grandma

An old granny? What can be dangerous about her? Do not underestimate her. She is sometimes here, sometimes there and sometimes behind you. You can be sure that she did not bake you delicious cookies. You can find her only during some nights deep in the forests.

Friendly Grandpa

Why he is called friendly? This old grandpa zombie doesn't like to attack and therefore seems friendly. He usually enjoys spending time in his old garden and appears to be always looking at his dried up flowers. I wonder if he remembers his previous life.
Now enough about him. To get his loot, you'll have to hunt him down. If the old friendly grandpa is provoked too much, he is to be taken very seriously. PS: don't touch his garden!

Temple Guard

The Temple Guard is agile, perceptive and intelligent. The jungle and desert temples are his home, where he guards the precious treasures. In his past, he loved complex puzzles. I wonder if he will let you pass if you can solve his favorite puzzle?