PVE & PVP Gameplay

PvP Gameplay Key Features

Faction battles and base raids

You can use primitive weapons ranging from catapults and cannons to guns and armored ground and air vehicles to defend your established base or-/and conquer enemy bases.

PvP Missions

The outposts populated by NPCs offer you missions such as special transport from A to B safely escort. Defend the convoy with everything you have, because it’s worth it!

PvE Gameplay Key Features


Explore the vast world of Zevolution. You will find that each biome is very interesting in its own way

PvE Missions

NPC villages and outposts offer you missions such as defense against zombie waves, reconstruction or trade missions.


The story of Zevolution will be deep and long. It will pull you in and tell you what happened in the past and the important role you play in it.. More on this in the future


Zevolution offers several opportunities and good reasons why team play is beneficial. Because it increases the chance of survival.
In each biome there is also an alpha zombie that has adapted to this place and is therefore very strong. Most likely, you won’t be able to defeat it alone.