Villages & Missions

You will encounter villages and outposts where you can find various NPCs. Here you can accept and complete various missions. There are a few examples:

  • Special transport: Defend the convoy from A to B and ensure a safe arrival.
  • Find rare objects on the map. Depending on the type of object, the mission and reward will change.
  • Protect the village or outpost against zombie waves for a certain time
  • Eliminate bandits
  • Infiltration into a base of the opposing coalition
  • Rescue and reconstruction missions

You can rent empty huts in villages, which are exclusively available for trading. In case of attacks by bandits and zombie herds, you can defend the outposts and villages to save them from temporary destruction.

While village merchants will offer you more primitive items as well as food, outposts will give you more advanced items.

You can only buy items which are delivered to the trader. These offers may change over time. Special delivery orders can be used to replenish the merchants’ stocks. And if you are lucky, they will offer you rare items for a short time.

There are different coalitions with their own reputations. Reputation can be earned through missions.

Traders in villages:

  • Librarian: Rare and unique blueprints
  • Blacksmith: Primitive weapons and tools
  • Butcher: Animal products
  • Bauer: Plant products
  • Mysterious dealer: Hmm…
  • Woodcutter: Wood lol
  • Miners: stone and ores

Traders in outposts:

  • Vehicle dealers: Ground vehicles 
  • Scrap dealer: Vehicle parts and scrap 
  • Tool dealer: Tools and workshop machines
  • Construction material dealer: Material to build bases
  • Equipment dealer: Backpacks, compass, rope etc.
  • Arms dealer: Weapons, attachments, magazines and ammunition
  • Clothing dealer: Everyday and protective clothing

The following images are outdated and therefore do not represent the current progress.