What is Zevolution?

Different. Why different?

Discover your possibilities to survive in the apocalypse. Whether you establish a base or move on, a world will reveal itself to you where your instincts are at the center of attention. 

Forget the monotony and the certainty of habit. Here you will find not only challenging locations in all kinds of biomes, but also a world below ground. 

Never rely on old, limping zombies. You will be surprised how much the undead have evolved! 

Does the world belong to the zombies or are you finally taking it back?


Zevolution is not just a Shoot and Loot Survival, but a multilayered world where you can explore, build, breed, collect, complete missions and tell your story. Either loud and alive or quiet and silent.

You have to take advantage of the spring to survive the winter. For some people the fog is an hindrance, for you it is a chance.

Don’t be blinded by the sun, night is coming soon.

The supposedly quiet grassland can be just as dangerous as the deep jungle and the dark, branched underworld.

We will let you tell your story in your time.


Open World • Sandbox • Survival • Post Apokalyptic • Zombies • Building • Crafting • Action • Adventure • Story • Characterprogress •
Multiplayer • Singleplayer • PvP • PvE • First Person • Third Person